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Multifunctional and multipurpose urban mobile marine development

Aqua Pod is the world’s first sustainable multi-purpose floating mobile development, designed by Aquatic Architects Design Studio (AADS), and developed by Innovative Marine Ventures (IMV)

Our mission is to introduce our new approach to urban marine developments and services with the objectives of accelerating and transforming the face of the marine realm as we know it today.

As a proud UAE homegrown business, Aqua Pod’s strategy is aligned with the leadership’s vision for the UAE’s future. Our business model is based on a proactive innovative strategy, with unwavering commitment to contributing to the realization of the country’s Plans, Strategies and Initiatives, to enable a progressive, resilient and growth-oriented economy.

Our pods are meticulously designed to incorporate:

The first consumer Marine E-commerce offering access to the Aqua Pods and marine vendors
Digital integration and connectivity
Scalability, modularity, and expandability
Sophisticated Technologies
Aqua Pod Mobile Application
“Smart” Seafaring

Introducing to the world’s first-ever Consumer Marine E-commerce application, integrating the commercial off-shore world with the on-shore!

Access a world of marine services and experiences with a click of a button through the “Aqua Pod” Application. It is designed to offer seamless commercial interaction with a selection of retailers, marine lifestyle, entertainment, aquatic sports and activities as well as maintenance and house keeping services.

Key Features:
Digital bookings and orders
Shoreline, boats and yachts delivery
Split Bill and contactless payments
GPS locating service for float-thru and delivery
Aqua Pod Models

AP 01

The introduction stage of Aqua Pods to the worlds; AP 01 is the first multipurpose revolutionary mobile marine development.

Meticulously designed with pioneering sustainability features…

  • Sustainable and largely running on electrical power
  • Waste collector and production of clean water
  • Multifunctional

The first Aqua Pod to hit the UAE waters was designed and built to serve as the first delivery and sail-thru burger joint in the UAE…
The second Aqua Pod was tailor made to incorporate the world’s first sustainable sail thru supermarket, and offers over 300 products on-board ranging from hot and cold snacks, ice cream, fresh food and beverages and non-F&B essentials…


A culmination of innovation, technology and aquatic architecture artistry….

  • Fully sustainable
  • Expandable
  • Multifunctional

AP EX1 will serve as a floating lounge and restaurant, introducing an unprecedented marine lifestyle offering to Dubai’s exquisite waters.

Aqua Pod has initiated its stringent “AP EX1 Operator Selection Process” and currently in conversations with some of the prominent Hospitality Groups and Restaurant Managements. More information will be shared in due course.

Partner with us
Unleashing the power of a vibrant, dynamic and rising marine sector…

Join us on our aspiring journey founded on our strong beliefs in:

Long term partnerships with like-minded inventive and forward-thinking partners;
Accelerating and ameliorating businesses in various industries;
Safeguarding the environment;
Introducing sustainability as an unwavering requirement for the future;

Incorporating multifunctionality and versatility into all our designs to serve critical businesses, and various industries, such as:

Healthcare — floating marine ambulatory services;
Energy — fuelling stations for marine vehicles;
Leisure and F&B — restaurants, lounges, lifestyle and entertainment venues;
Larger scale smart urban mobile developments serving multiple industries with high impact on industries as whole, such as Agritec, Food Safety, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Logistics, Entertainment and Leisure and more…

We are guided by the ethos of Sustainability and Diversity

We are a forward-thinking team that is relentless to present avant-garde innovative Aqua Pods that exceed its functional purpose, and spark new ideas that breathe creativity, awareness, and life into unlocking the potential of the consumer commercial marine industry.

Our team is young, highly spirited, and ambitious; we pride ourselves with award winning talent, industry experts and avid executives.

Aqua Pod is also supported by a network of international affiliation.